Friday, March 20, 2015

25 - Some Great Hockey Questions

Our past followers have told us that they like to save some of my shows to listen to on their MP3 player.  For that reason, I've provided the following options:
  1. Click the microphone icon to listen to a program here (it opens in a new window on your computer).
  2. Right click the microphone icon to download and take a program with you. 25 - Some Great Hockey Questions...  The CC Hockey Message Board is just getting rolling, with a small number of active members contributing some awesome ideas so far.  I'd love for new hockey folks to get involved, though -- from coaches to parents to adult rec players, and this podcast is aimed at letting listeners know what's happening on that board as of now.  Oh, and as promised, here's a link to the CC Hockey Message Board.

If you like my way here, you'll love!

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