Sunday, November 30, 2014

11, 12, 13 and 14 - NewEdge Mental Training

Our past followers have told us that they like to save some of my shows to listen to on their MP3 player.  For that reason, I've provided the following options:
  1. Click the microphone icon to listen to a program here (it opens in a new window on your computer).
  2. Right click the microphone icon to download and take a program with you.
This post will ultimately include three podcasts by our mental training affiliate, NewEdge's John Haime.  The first two will include tips for better mental preparation, and the third will include an explanation of John's special program. Podcast 11 - "The Last Frontier in Sport" -- a serious look at mental training's place in current day sport...  Coach Chic also introduces NewEdge Mental Training with John Haime.
Here's the promised link:  "17 Ways To Help Your Child Succeed At Sports" 

Podcast 12 - NewEdge Mental Training with John Haime...  In this first of three presentations, John provides advice concerning achievement drive, focus, nervousness, self-confidence and goal-setting. 13 - NewEdge Mental Training with John Haime...  In this second of three presentations, John provides advice concerning competitiveness, fear, optimism and self-control.  For Coach Chic's views on mental training, click the link and read "The Last Frontier in Sports". Podcast 14 - Now, here's the NewEdge's John Haime, explaining the awesome program he has available for you.  And, besides helping an athlete develop high level mental skills, remember that the program described here can also help an individual improve at everyday social skills as well as academics.  Just click either ISi photo -- above or below -- to discover even more about John's special training...

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