Thursday, March 12, 2015

23 - Whole Body Vibration for Strength Gains

Our past followers have told us that they like to save some of my shows to listen to on their MP3 player.  For that reason, I've provided the following options:
  1. Click the microphone icon to listen to a program here (it opens in a new window on your computer).
  2. Right click the microphone icon to download and take a program with you. 23 - Whole Body Vibration for Strength Gains... I'd like you to hear a recording made available through the Science at NASA website.  It mostly tells about how WBV might benefit those with bone loss, which could be very good news for some of my listeners.  (I might point out that the NASA audio is very old, and a lot more positive research findings have been accumulated since it was recorded.)  If you'd like to know more about the use of whole body vibration for athletes, however, please visit my Hockey Diary and the entry called "Whole Body Vibration".

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